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Fightweek according to the promoter.

Ben Vickers Ben Vickers:
Eternal MMA Director

It’s always a big week when I head East for Eternal.
This week was even bigger, it was our first week where
all interstate fighters where accommodated on site at the beautiful Mantra Hotel at The Southport Sharks Club. It was awesome to get that fight week feel and see the fighters milling around.

It’s always tough leaving my young family for the week but I have been over on The Gold Coast so many times it genuinely feels like a home away from home. I got to catch up with some of my east coast brethren and see what’s been happening since May.

Another perk of being on site all week was the fact we had an actual event office. With one of our major sponsors over from Perth helping out (I know, how lucky are we!!) I actually got my first ever bit of formal business training. 7 years ago I was still fighting and since then I’ve become a gym owner, promoter and head coach of a gym all without any relevant qualifications.


I pride myself on being brutally honest and I don’t know how Eternal has become such a monster, through hard work, mistakes after mistakes, 20 hour days, arguments at home, being absent, did I say mistakes, neglecting my own fight team and more mistakes. But fuck me, we are still here and we are pumping out 10 top quality shows a year. No one else in this country comes near that. Some years we have done 12 shows. It’s a grind but you know what, I Fucking love this sport. I was in the Fire Brigade In London, it’s hard to get that job and people generally stay in it for 25 years. I fucked it off to follow my MMA dreams and people ridiculed me. Who’s laughing now!! I love providing a platform for the awesome talent this country has, a breeding ground for the next of Australasia’s MMA superstars. It’s not glamorous like people think, try taking a week away from home and then telling your wife you lost a few grand. Not a nice conversation. There is a bigger picture though and Saturday night re enforced that in my mind.

Eternal 35 had it all. Young, hungry up and coming fighters starting out on their MMA journey, showing courage and skill well beyond their years. The older and bolder having a red hot crack and proving that there is no age limit to this thing. Seasoned pro’s and hot new pro prospects showing the level of skill in this country is up there with any other. A 16 year old high school lad who lost his father the night before and got in the cage and won his fight in less than 2 minutes. This sport is not for the feint hearted and I appreciate and respect everyone who ever walked through that cage door. Then there’s the fans, knowledgeable, well behaved and respectful fans who turn up to support their team mate, son, friend or just the local, grass roots scene. I salute you all, thank you for the support and the effort. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

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