A fight that has needed to happen in Australian MMA for some time is the meeting of the venerable pair Benny Alloway and Steven Kennedy.

Apparently destined to fight one another, especially with the flames stoked over and over again online by both parties, Alloway and Kennedy seemed to miss each other in competition like ships in the night.
But no longer.

The bad blood will reach a boiling point as the two vie for a potential shot at the Eternal MMA middleweight title (against the winner of Isi Fitukefu and Kitt Campbell at Eternal MMA 46 in Melbourne, June 1st) while settling a long-awaited rivalry years in the making.
Ben’s 18 wins from 26 fights with 8 KO and 6 submissions is a picture telling a thousand words like staunch takedown defence, ice cold composure, ferocious elbows from the top and one punch KO power. His mixed martial arts ride included meetings with current UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker, perennial veteran Corey Major Nelson, and former welterweight champion Tristan Murphy.

Benny Alloway reached the UFC by means of The Ultimate Fighter and continued a storied career internationally before settling into his established gym on the Gold Coast. Benny has sated the competitive appetite by providing invaluable knowledge to young up and comers we’ve regularly seen gracing the Eternal cage.

But then again, who can say no to getting your hands on a man who has antagonised you quite literally for years and have the chance to become a champion in doing so?

The other side of this coin is the enigmatic larrikin known affectionately as the “Steamrolla”, with no guesses why he earned that name…
Kennedy’s stint in the UFC came after Alloway’s and the direction of their careers seemed to skew in a fashion that appeared we wouldn’t see this fight ever have the green light.

Steve Kennedy racked up an impressive resume of 25 wins from 34 fights consisting of 8 KO’s and 11 submissions from explosive aggressive strikes and top game grinding. Seeing Steve in action is almost like watching a machine mechanically manipulate opponents to his will.
Steven Kennedy will look to fulfil his go-to prophecy of “cornering” his opponent and making them commit errors which allow the Steamrolla to plow through their defences and create a scenario not too dissimilar to drowning. In the off-chance Steve’s opponents negotiate his grappling savvy onslaught, there is always the impending threat of achieving an upright stance and having your hips ripped away from the cage and finding yourself back at square one, with less gas in the tank and less heart in the fight than before.

Even if you survive against Steve, there’s the very real chance you just spent 3 rounds on your ass and never had a say in winning regardless.
It would be easy to understand how a fighter of this nature could have a personality congruent with his fight style, yet Kennedy is honest, playful and a true jokester should you give him the limelight and a mic.

This fight has layers upon layers from stylistic approach, to personality, to recurring ill-will dying to be resolved and these layers will unfurl this Saturday on Eternal MMA 44.

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