It’s always a busy week in the lead up to a fight, being based in Perth it means a trip to the Goldie for me, it honestly feels like my second home over there in Southport and I absolutely love it, just a shame it takes 5 hrs on the plane to get there.   

The Southport Sharks club is such a good spot for a fight show, a brilliant arena for the fights themselves and also having the brand new Mantra hotel and a gym on site makes life so much easier for all travelling fighters and the event team. It enables us too treat the fighters in a manner appropriate to them.

We have had a nice hiatus for the mid part of the year, which has given us plenty of time to line up this cracking fight card. Headlining is Casey O’Neill defending her Australian strawweight title and 6 fight win streak against former muay thai world champ Jada Ketley. Could this be the classic striker vs grappler matchup or will O’neill look to show her stand up skills and go toe to toe with Ketley? What ever happens we have a fight on our hands with Ketley having spent the last year honing her MMA skills in South Africa in preparation for her switching codes.  

As always the rest of the card is stacked with talent across the board with some of Australia’s best converging on Southport to do battle. There are limited tickets still available on line or hit up one of the fighters on the card. I can’t wait to touch down in Brisbane and get this show on the road. 

So, with the hard work done  and all fighters re hydrated and happier, it was time for the fights. I don’t know what it is but when the guys and girls step in to the Eternal cage the performances are jaw dropping. E46 had it all, slick submissions, big knock outs and back and forth technical battles. Nelson and Johnson got us under way and set the bar for what was to come. A back and forth slobber knocker for the entire first round with Nelson getting the finish early in the second round. That set the tone for the rest of the show, and what a show it was.  

At the business end, Casey O’Neill succesfully defended her title for the first time against a very game Jada Ketley. Neither girl took a backward step early and both absorbed some big shots. O’Neill didn’t shy away from the standup but when she got the fight to the ground it was one way traffic, the choke was locked in soon after they hit the deck and that was all she wrote. O’Neill takes her win streak up to 7 and moves to 2-0 as a professional and a bright future. 

In the co main John Fraser put on a striking clinic against the highly rated BJJ black belt Daniel Almeida. Fraser dropped from light heavyweight and looked superb. He moves like a welterweight but carries the power of a light heavy.  He worked Almeida over pretty systematically and with little coming back from his opponent was able to tee off. In the second the accumaltion of punishment was just too  much for Almeida and the ref jumped in and rescued him as he ate shots on the ground. Exciting to see what Fraser will accomplish at this new weight class. 

Chelsea Hackett dominated and showed that she had been working hard on her perceived weakness of wrestling/grappling by taking a very tough and skilled Danielle Hayes down repeatedly during their 3 round battle. Although Hackett was dominant Hayes had her moments and was always in the fight.  Hackett has made a huge statement to her division, some of whom may have thought she was 1 dimensional, she certainly isn’t. A great win for Hackett but Hayes can walk away with her head held high and will be a tough fight for anyone in the division. 

Ty Duncan looked a man reborn after his little hiatus from the sport, putting Jimmy O’Brien out cold with a back choke after a scramble fest on the ground. Duncan seemed to be always that one step ahead but O’Brien had a couple of moments of control but was unable to capitilise. Great to see Duncan back to form, it’s back to the drawing board for O’Brien but he has talent in spades and will be back for sure. 

Corbin Robertson edged a split decision over Dishon Ravindran in a tightly contested 3 round scrap. Both men looking to do something spectacular which never quite came off, but provided the raucous Southport Sharks crowd entertainment which is all we can ask for. 

Special mention to Semmakade Kakembo who thrilled the crowd with his pinpoint flying knee on the buzzer against James Sargison. Sargison was able to make it, just about, to the judges scorecards but lost a unanimous decision in the end. Both boys have bright futures and this was a chess match of a fight in the grappling exchanges with Kakembo just having the edge in the athleticism stakes and walking away with a deserved victory. 

Another absolute banger in the books, we switch our attention to Perth and the magnificent HBF Stadium for the September 7th Eternal MMA 47. Stay tuned for this card to drop next week just as soon as I get off this damn plane. ( Not looking forward to telling the mrs about the new tatt, courtesy of our sponsors Phresh Ink) Shame this country is so big or we could do shows every weekend. I feel very lucky to have a job I love so dearly and would like to thank Cam and the team for making Eternal such a cool place to work. On to the next, Live Eternal, Reign Supreme. 

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Ben Vickers is a director of Eternal MMA and the owner and head coach of The MMA Clinic in Perth WA. Ben has competed and coached in most combat sports including MMA, Boxing, Wrestling and BJJ for over 20 years and is originally from London, UK.