Planes drains and awesome brawls An Interstate Coaches Eternal 35 Blog 19 Jul 2018

Nick Hughes
Trinity MMA Head Coach E35 Fightweek Blog.

Touching down at the airport our team were immediately transported out of the dreary cold of Adelaide and into the Sunshine Winter of the Gold Coast. Myself (Nick Hughes), athlete/coach Jake Chynoweth and Competing athlete Ryan Cooper were all excited and ready for the challenge which lay ahead; Eternal MMA 35. Fresh from a solid eight week Fight Camp, amateur athlete Ryan Cooper was excited and anxious as he had never experienced the nerves and uncertainty that comes with travelling interstate for an MMA bout, however due to the generosity and professionalism of our excellent host Cam O'Neill, he had the best opportunity possible for a positive outcome. 

Three years ago was Trinity MMA's first experience working with Cam O'Neill and Ben Vickers, in a time where amateur development opportunities were scarce in South Australia, they went out on a limb and brought our team over to afford us an opportunity. Jake Chynoweth competed and was victorious in his first ever amateur bout that evening, earning himself fight of the night honours.
When Eternal announced that they would be heading to Adelaide earlier this year, we pounced on the opportunity as we already knew the quality of the promotion and wanted to be a part of it. Trinity MMA Pro Athlete Marcin Chalupa was victorious on that evening as well.

Needless to say, when Cam and Ben again afforded us an opportunity at Eternal MMA 35, we didn't think twice to accept. Cam himself picked us up from the airport and drove us to our hotel and event facilities at SouthPort Sharks. With Event Location, Gym, Sauna, Multiple Restaurants and Hotel Rooms all on site, we were absolutely set to complete the weight cut process, refuel, rehydrate and relax without the stress of any travel or potential lack of resources. Ryan Cooper completed all of his duties with true professionalism, weighing in right on the mark and refueling/rehydrating with a measured, systematic approach.

The event itself was outstanding. It is quite evident why Eternal have become one of the most prolific and high quality promotions in the nation as the night ran smoothly from start to finish with high level bouts all the way through. We were very surprised and grateful for our reception upon entering the arena. Ryan Cooper, clad in his pineapple/pink flamingo shorts (available from Grapple Apparel) and brandishing a large pair of Aviator Sunglasses, was not met with even a single jeer from the crowd. This denotes a true respect for the fighters from an understanding and knowledgeable audience. A group of headliner Michael Tobin's family and support group sat directly behind our corner position. Clearly understanding the situation, they chose to add words of support to our athlete and team. We are very grateful for that as it again depicts the environment that Eternal MMA have cultivated throughout their tenior. Ryan found it hard to find range throughout the first round, however began to pull away in the second and third with relentless pressure, wrestling and ground striking transition dominance. He followed corner instruction and his own instincts brilliantly and took great steps forward in his development as an amateur MMA Athlete. Ryan's opponent Mark Richardson of Tribal MMA was very gracious as was his entire team as we spoke thankfully and openly after the bout.

Overall this experience only solidified in my mind how important the aspects of respect and professionalism are in this sport of MMA and Eternal are clearly one of the true leaders in that regard. The entire Team at Trinity MMA eagerly await the next card and the next opportunity.

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